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Women's Leadership Summit: Power & Collaboration

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We’ve expanded our Memberships

Now we have new membership levels to help build, grow, expand, and enhance you as a professional in the Cannabis Industry.

We’ve added a brand new platform to really allow you to shine as a Women working in Cannabis.

If you are already a Founding 100 Member, login and build your profile, and start engaging.  We even saved your old profile so you can copy what you want from it and add it to your new profile.

If you are not a member – check out our basic membership Newcomer which is free, or join us at one of the other levels to experience even more the new system and its options.

The WEIC Community Center and Community Pages

Each WEIC Community now has its own community page where you can find the latest information about Interviews, Activities and Events specific to that Community as well as a direct link to the Facebook Community Group.

Come check out each page, bookmark and see what great things are happening within the Communities.


Women Empowered in Cannabis

WEIC Women

WEIC Women Community


WEIC CBD/Hemp Community

Supply Chain

WEIC Supply Chain Community


WEIC Women of Color Community

Areas to Check out
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We’ve expanded our Events section, including adding a new form so the Community can submit events that are relevant to Women working in Cannabis


To support multi-levels of businesses in the Industry, WEIC has developed a partnership system that focuses on the relationship with the Company, help focus on the company’s goals with Diversity and Inclusion, and bring their women to our Community.

Check out the different companies that are partnered with WEIC and the 2021 Deck.

Arcview WINS

WEIC has partnered with ArcView Women’s Inclusion Network to create a joint membership.

This is a great opportunity for Women Business owners, Solopreneurs and those who are thinking of starting a business.

Empowered in Cannabis

WEIC is a Community and Business supporting  Women Working in Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

Our members are executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, activists, influencers and community leaders.

We share resources, provide support and build networks around the world with women who are part of a movement to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable cannabis industry.

We believe together Women Create a Strong Community, Impact Policy and Create Solutions to the industry’s biggest issues. #Bettertogether by #Upliftingeachother

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