Press Release 04/20/2021

WEIC Expands/Launches Global Business Platform For Women Working In Cannabis

New Resources, Tools, Services, and Connections Help Women Succeed

CENTRAL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA —  April 20th, 2021 — Women Empowered In Cannabis (WEIC), the largest global community of women working in cannabis and ancillaries industries, today launched a new platform to help women achieve success with their cannabis business or career in the industry. Created by women for women, the new WEIC networking platform is where women share resources and expertise, build solid connections and do business ‘the women’s way.’

“Women in the cannabis industry need a platform that belongs to them,” said Kyra Reed, WEIC founder and CEO. “WEIC is our space. The New WEIC Platform gives women access to the tools, resources, connections and support required to build careers and businesses.”

WEIC Community has grown to over 12K members across Facebook and LinkedIn since it was founded in 2017. Women Empowered in Cannabis is inclusive and diverse on backgrounds, origins and locations.  Every woman is welcome no matter what her expertise or length in the industry, even those who are testing the waters to see about changing careers or starting their own business.

“Women are better together. By connecting our networks around the world women can elevate our voices and establish real power in the global cannabis market,” Kyra added. “A powerful network can open doors to funding and other support necessary for a successful business.”

“Women in Cannabis deserve better, so We built better.” Kyra commented.

The new WEIC site helps women navigate through their ever changing landscape of the cannabis industry so they can prosper. The cannabis friendly networking platform gives the community:

  • more privacy and better control of personal and public content
  • the ability to connect and interact with the community like never before
  • new ways to share information and public content

WEIC communities include the Facebook groups, YouTube Channels and Platform Forums for WEIC Women, WEIC CBD & Hemp, WEIC Supply Chain, and WEIC WoC (Women of Color).

About WEIC – Women Empowered in Cannabis

Founded by Kyra Reed in 2017, Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEIC) is THE place where women share resources, provide support and build networks around the world with women who are part of a movement to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable cannabis industry.  Our members are women industry leaders, seasoned veterans and newbies from local farmers and large organized growers. WEIC includes professionals of every kind including cultivators, bud-tenders, product makers, scientists, medical researchers, Doctors, Nurses, policy makers, compliance and testing experts, and lawyers.


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