Small Business

$500 / year

  • Business Profile Account for the Business
  • 2 WEIC Women Profile Accounts
  • Dedicated Support Group in WEIC Platform
  • Able to create own group
  • Able to submit company events, activities and third party events members of the company are participating in
  • Opportunities to showcase products
  • Opportunities to host events in WEIC Platform through Zoom API using your own Zoom account
  • Speaking, Leadership and discounts to other conferences.
  • 1 Free Ad slot for a year
  • Discounts on all WEIC services, solutions and products



You may cancel your subscription at any time, by logging into your WEIC account, selecting Subscription located in the left hand Menu, then select the CANCEL button.

To receive any refund you must cancel within 30 days of your yearly subscription purchase and/or renewal plus request through our Support form here, select Refund Request. The refund will be the amount charged - minus one month for service fee. Refunds can take up to 21 business days to process.

Monthly subscriptions are not available for refund.