Known Issues and Reported Bugs

Access to site blocked

Not a Bug – Feature

If you try to reset your password too fast or request too many within a few minutes, WordFence, the Anti-Hack software will lock you out.

The block only lasts 5 minutes for too many password reset attempts 

Please wait 10 minutes for your email to arrive before for resetting.

If you are still having issues, please feel free to use the Contact Support form found here and Request for Password Reset.


404 Page Not found – On the Website

Known issue-bug

We are experiencing intermittent 404 on the website that affects login and page access.  This is a known bug that Development is trying to isolate.  Dev has put in a temporary fix by re-saving a specific WP Page index every hour.  So if you should hit this again, please wait an hour and try again to access.

We will update this once we have a fix.

WP Login Page presented on Logout

Known Bug

Currently when logging out in the Profile system – there are specific places that when you log out – it is redirected incorrectly and ends at the WP-Admin Login page.

To log in – go to

Email containing invitation to Groups is failing


We are investigating why Safari trying to access groups is giving a set of errors – saying too many redirects.

We do not know if this is a Mobile specific issue or a general issue with all Safaris on all platforms

Reset password Link in email fails

Known Issue

Sometimes the email sent to reset your password contains a looping link (Link that continues to go to the same place over and over), which is sending the user to a page that does not exist.

We have yet to isolate the cause of the issue, and if you do experience this, please use the support form to submit a screen shot and include date/time of the issue.

Business Name Problem

Known issue-bug

Currently Business Name is editable for Newcomer, Starting Out, Up-n-Coming and WEIC Woman (the individual accounts).  But it is meant only for the Business Savvy and Small Business accounts.

For the Individual accounts – Please use the field called Company to put your company name in.

We will be resetting the individual accounts back to the user name.

We are aware of this bug.

Safari on I-Phone cannot access groups – too many redirects

Known Bug -Still investigating cause

Currently the Invitations to join groups when using Safari fails = saying that there are too many redirects.

Image of Safari with redirect failure
Known Issues

Fixed Issues

Capitalization in Profiles

Fixed – 4/27

The Profile system was using a piece of code to mitigate the Profile User Names, Business Names to not show in lower case.

However the side affect is the code currently needs to be redone to limit what fields it will correct the casing of letters.

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